We support our clients by helping them bridge the gaps in their lives so they can grow into their greatest potential.

Heart-Centered ABA is a revolution in behavioral services.

Here’s what we do differently:
  • We’re dedicated to the limitless potential within every human being. We want to create a world that works for everyone. Our community is a place where we support one another to be authentic and thrive in our lives.
  • We root everything in Loving Acceptance. The more we are in acceptance of where we are and how we feel, the more self-love we cultivate.
  • We honor all experiences, the ups and downs, and meet the other right where they’re at. This attitude permeates throughout our whole culture. It’s in every session we have with a client and their family, in every phone call and little interaction within the company.
  • We’re grateful for all growth opportunities. We treasure the grand adventure of our work, and see life as an endless opportunity to play, learn, connect, and evolve.

Our Values

Loving Acceptance
We practice loving acceptance with our clients, our families, ourselves, and each other.
Open Hearted
We are devoted to living life with an open heart and the realization of all our potential. When we have heart in ABA we naturally care about our clients, ourselves, and all things.
Leaders Take Responsibility
We work for the good of the whole for our clients, families, and company. We believe in drawing out the inherent gifts of the people we are working with rather than programming them with information.
We value connection in everything we do as it is the bridge that allows us to Bridging Worlds. We see our relations extending well beyond the human world to the plant and animal kingdom. We believe in the life force that unites us all and guides our actions.
Nobel Authenticity
We speak the truth in our hearts. We honor the truth and authenticity in all those we work with.
Fiercely Loving Freedom
We meet discrimination with fierce love, boundaries, and a commitment to what is true in our hearts. All beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. When we relate with others from these values, we open the possibility for authentic relating.

We provide support for the behavioral change you want to see.

“I didn’t know it was possible to work for a company that cares about who you are as a person and what’s in your heart until I found Bridging Worlds. I go to work every day surrounded by open-hearted, compassionate, empathetic people who are doing everything they can to make the world a better place. All companies say their employees are family. Bridging Worlds is the only place I’ve ever worked where it’s actually true.”

Steve Raby, Administrative Director

Meet Our Leadership Team

A headshot of Adam, a man smiling with long dark hair with a bookcase and plant in the background
Adam Bulbulia

Founder, BCBA

Adam Bulbulia, founder of Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services, BCBA (board-certified behavioral analyst) with a Masters degree in education and leader of Heart-Centered Revolutions® (HCR). Adam is a gifted teacher who is able to break down skills into easily digestible pieces to help people grow and learn efficiently. He is excellent with empathy and rapport and uses these communication and connection skills to bridge the divide between developmentally disabled clients, and the non-disability-friendly world they had to navigate. His intention is that Bridging Worlds bridges the divides in families and society to help all people realize their full potential.
A headshot of Samantha, a woman smiling with long straight hair and dangling shell earings.
Samantha Cullity


Samantha Cullity, CEO of Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services spreads harmony and connection in all that she does. She is a gifted singer of soulful music who uses her singing and her heart connection to build harmony in individuals, families, and organizations. This mission is visible whether she is spearheading company culture, providing Heart-Centered ABA, or nurturing the authenticity of every client and employee. Some of her inspirations draw from Ma’at of Ancient Egypt, Haile Selassie I (Former Emperor of Ethiopia), Buddha, and the Tao. She stands for loving acceptance and balance, and believes in creating a world where everyone is accepted and respected for who they are. She shares the vision of Martin Luther King JR: No one is free until everyone is free.
A headshot of Steve, a man with long brown hair and a light gray hoodie in front of green foliage.
Steve Raby
Administrative Director
Steve Raby first came to the Bay Area while serving in the United States Coast Guard in late 2004 and decided to never leave. After serving in the USCG, Steve spent 15 years in San Francisco, working in corporate office management. He moved to Sonoma County to be closer to nature at the start of the Covid pandemic. Time in nature and personal reflection go hand in hand. Steve made the decision to find a new path using his organizational skills and leadership skills to help make the world a better place, and along came Bridging Worlds. He jumped at the opportunity to work for a company with the mission of helping people with developmental disabilities learn to navigate the world around them using the core company values of empathy and unconditional love.
A headshot of Kari, a women smiling in a baseball cap with a large blue backpacking pack and a red bandana around her neck, with a forest in the background.
Kari White

Director of Operations

Kari White has been working with special needs children and young adults in school, home, and foster care settings for most of her career. Kari is deeply passionate about helping disadvantaged people connect with their families and communities in ways that are both meaningful and authentic. Kari draws from her life experience of personal inquiry, Diamond Approach studies, Montessori education, and being a mother of two boys, bringing her full heart and self into every interaction with clients. She listens deeply and has a grounded and calming presence. Knowing every individual is unique in their abilities and needs, she pays close attention to what is needed moment by moment letting her gut and heart lead. Kari believes building a connection based on trust is key and follows the principle to “connect before you direct”. Kari believes each human being is full of potential, and only needs a supportive and loving environment built on respect and trust to achieve their best selves.

Get Started with Heart-Centered ABA.


We’re seeking empathic and heart-centered individuals to join our team.

For example: 

If the client is nonverbal we might work on expanding their communication skills to include gestures or pictures.

If the client is overstimulated in the grocery store, goals might include short trips to the store with ways to self-regulate.