We’re seeking heart-centered, empathic team members and future leaders.

If you:

  • Want to live a life with purpose and meaning.
  • Enjoy supporting others in the continued growth and behavior change that results in dissolving limiting beliefs.
  • Want to be a part of revolutionizing the history of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), and have a passion to bring more heart into behavioral services.
  • Are tired of witnessing discrimination in our communities that result in being isolated for our differences.
  • Have a hunger for learning, self-growth, and transformation.
…we’d love to hear from you!


Heart-Centered Behavioral Consultants & Tutors
Work in the field with clients and their families.

Location: Sebastopol 
Starting Rate: $20-25/hour (tutors) & $30-35/hour (consultants)

We operate our business with Heart.

Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services was created with the HCOS™
—Heart-Centered Operating System.

When you join our team, you’ll:

  • Develop a new relationship with ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) by learning through our heart-centered approach.
  • Create authentic connections with your clients, and families by supporting the changes they want to see in their lives.
  • Continue to be surprised by yourself, your clients, and all that’s unveiled through learning and living our greatest potential. Life’s an adventure to be felt moment-to-moment.
  • Become a part of what we call the BW Tribe. We call ourselves tribe because we work together as a community honoring the ways modeled by our ancient ancestors. All clients, families, staff, and extended support staff all make up the web we know as the BW Tribe.
“I love working at Bridging Worlds! There is a company culture that values differences, authenticity, personal and professional growth. I feel encouraged to use my unique talents to really find what is in the hearts of my clients and focus on what is most important to them. There is freedom at BW to boldly think beyond the box and create systems where people can eagerly engage in practices that are progressing them towards their goals and ultimate potential. There are ample opportunities to take leadership and encouragement to employ creativity in our work. All staff are truly encouraged to engage in self-care and support one another’s personal and professional growth.”
– Brian Lenius, Behavioral Consultant

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For example: 

If the client is nonverbal we might work on expanding their communication skills to include gestures or pictures.

If the client is overstimulated in the grocery store, goals might include short trips to the store with ways to self-regulate.